Episode 4 – The Sex Offender Next Door


The Sex Offender Next Door In this episode of In Bed with Dr Sue I interview ‘Ken’ a former sex offender whose story will both fascinate and hopefully infuriate you. Learn about the cracks in the system and why we could all be a lot safer but we aren’t because of those flaws. Find out […]

Pillow Talk Fun!


Okay all my sexy scribes sharpen those pencils and crack those knuckles cause it’s EROTICA TIME! Only this one is even better!!  This time ALL entries to this contest will be PAID & PUBLISHED by Cleis Press in the anthology Pillow Talk being edited by Kristina Wright.  So if you can make Kristina melt you’re […]

Episode 3 – M is for Masturbation Month

May is National Masturbation Month

  May is National Masturbation Month It’s HERE the podcast you’ve been waiting for all about Masturbation! I did some serious digging and found a lot of really interesting info you guys will love.  Even Ashley Jill Pinup/Vanilla Girl joins me for the fun! FIND OUT: Masturbation Myths, Facts & Questions The health benefits and […]

Episode 2 – Blackmail – Stupid or Sexy?

Blackmail...Stupid or Sexy?

Blackmail.  The words in this picture probably make you chuckle but for some people, primarily men but also women the thought of getting a note like that turns them on.  In this episode of In Bed I’m going to be talking about BLACKMAIL.  What exactly is it when it pertains to fetish and sex?  What […]