Episode 6 – Domme Spotlight – Madame Sossette


  Madame Sossette Madame Sossette is more than just your typical Dominatrix; she’s a sane voice in the midst of an insane world, a fetish educator, a mentor, a diva, a writer….a sock. Love her or hate her the lovely lady of the fibre speaks her mind and her truth for everyone to hear.  Whether […]

50 Shades of Power ~ A New Way of Thinking for Women


50 Shades of Power™ …a new way of thinking for women Ms. P and The N’Tuned Show are excited to bring you 50 Shades of Power™ a series for women by Dr. Sue that will open your eyes to a new way of thinking about yourself and your relationship. Is your relationship on life support? […]

Episode 5 – Domme Spotlight – Goddess Nyxie


This is the first of many Domme Spotlight’s I plan to bring you.  The premise of Domme Spotlight being to bring Dommes/Doms and subs together.  A pseudo match-making enterprise.  It allows potential subs the ability to learn about their favorite Dommes/Doms directly from the Domme/Dom’s themselves. Whether it becomes a business arrangement, lifestyle commitment, loving […]

Episode 4 – The Sex Offender Next Door


The Sex Offender Next Door In this episode of In Bed with Dr Sue I interview ‘Ken’ a former sex offender whose story will both fascinate and hopefully infuriate you. Learn about the cracks in the system and why we could all be a lot safer but we aren’t because of those flaws. Find out […]