Chocolate Domme – Summer of Domination – Episode 23


Welcome L‘Domme de Chocolat to the Summer of Domination! You’re going to be captivated by this exotic beauty when you hear not only her down to earth views on female supremacy (which even I can get behind) but also the comfort she has in her own skin.  My favorite quote from the show is when […]

Lilith Astaroth – Summer of Domination – Episode 22


What can I say about Lilith that hasn’t already been said?  This woman is the epitome of female powerhouse. Actress, model, singer/songwriter, Domme, Reiki Master (and I’ve probably forgotten a few), are some of the many hats this woman wears. There are times when you watch on social media and think, “my god this woman […]

Princess Brandis – Summer of Domination – Episode 21


There are no words to describe the fun I had interviewing Princess Brandis.  Once you listen you’ll see just how hilarious she is including coining such phrases as; “cheap is…ewww,” and “props to all you toddlers out there.”  And her doubtless views on female supremacy had me saying BRANDIS 2016! She’s bright and brilliant from a […]

Mistress Zola Rae – Summer of Domination – Episode 20


Zola was away from our community for over a year and we missed her dearly but she’s BACK and even more delicious than she was before.  I think the best way to describe Mistress Zola is ruthless charm.  When you first discover her you’re struck by her beauty but when you dive in deeper you’re […]