Domina Vengeance – Summer of Domination – Episode 28


Domina Vengeance is a delicious blend of her exotic heritage sprinkled with spiritual earth mother.  But don’t get me wrong she’s no mushy push-over.  Vengeance is a very strong woman who knows what she wants and just how she’s going to make you squeal to get it. Get in touch with Domina Vengeance: (all links […]

Mistress Malvasia – Summer of Domination – Episode 27


Oh what a wonderful woman Mistress Malvasia is!  Prepare to be entertained and educated by this exceptional woman.  When she’s not taking over the minds of males she’s in the kitchen using her chef skills for the whole family.  And speaking of family, just wait until you hear her describe her relationships and yes that’s […]

Miss Julia Taylor – Summer of Domination – Episode 25


Welcome to Miss Julia Taylor’s world.  Where you’ll find a dazzling woman who has come in to her own.  Of course you would expect a Domme to have confidence but they way in which Miss Taylor finally became comfortable in her own skin was very much the hard road.  The beauty of those knocks and bumps […]