Goddess Tiffi – The Summer of Domination – Episode 13

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It just wouldn’t be a Summer of Domination without my Tiffi!! Goddess Tiffi kicks off this series of shows for the month of July. You’re going to love Tiffi as much as I do when you listen to her very candid interview where we talk about everything from sexuality to haters.  This is the chance […]

Episode 12 – Inside the Mind of a Financial Slave


Financial domination is always in the media but it’s rare that we get a chance to talk to the financial slave, until now. I was fortunate enough to hear from a financial slave who started chatting with me through email about his feelings regarding financial domination who was open enough to discuss his viewpoint on […]

Episode 11 ~ The Truth About Furries


 The Truth About Furries Just what is all the fascination about the Furry community?  The word Furry seems to make most people roll their eyes or shake their heads.  But what is it about Furries that makes everyone so freaked out?  Who are they? What do they do? In this episode of In Bed with […]

Episode 10 – Cocky da Homo MC is REBORN!


COCKY da HOMO MC In this episode we hear from our friend Cocky da Homo MC once again but it’s an all NEW Cocky. When you hear his newest release Cry Harder your ears will as pleasantly surprised as mine were.  This is an artist who has not only grown emotionally and spiritually but musically as […]