• 50shadesntuned

    50 Shades of Power™ A New Way of Thinking for Women

    A series for women by Dr. Sue that will open your eyes to a new way of thinking about yourself and your relationship.

  • InsidetheMindoftheFinancialSlave

    Inside the Mind of a Financial Slave

    Financial domination is always in the media but it’s rare that we get a chance to talk to the financial slave, until now....

  • femsuppromofinal1

    Female Supremacy & Feminism

    Female Supremacy is a HOT TOPIC and I have been hearing from many men regarding female supremacy lately who want me to go more in-depth than I did in the previous Female Supremacy show...

  • SufferinginSilence1

    Suffering in Silence

    So many people suffer with chronic illness and do so silently. That may seem strange to you if you’re healthy but there is a stigma surrounding chronic illness’s such as...