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Alison Tyler ~ Dark Secret Love

  Alison Tyler

I’m thrilled to have on the show this amazing author who is tearing up the literary world with her tales of submission!  Whether you’re an aspiring author yourself or just a lover of sexy fiction you don’t want to miss this show.  We’ll be giving away a copy of  Dark Secret Love the night of the show so make sure you LISTEN LIVE!!

Dark Secret Love by Alison Tyler

“In spite of my good-girl persona, I was bad to the core.” Dark Secret Love perfectly captures the dark, secret fantasies within us all. Spunky and self-sure Samantha may be submissive, but knows exactly what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to chase it. DARK SECRET LOVE follows Samantha’s quest for the perfect dom in an authentic, partially autobiographical meta-novel from literary siren Alison Tyler. This romantic tale of submission is only the first in a lustful trilogy, and will whet your appetite for the next chapter of Samantha’s story.

If Fifty Shades left you longing for a more realistic read, Dark Secret Love  is the novel you’ve been craving; Violet Blue calls it “what all of us had hoped Fifty Shades would actually be.” Alison has attracted a wide following with her true-to-life tales, hailed by The Guardian as “a sulphurous personal memoir of past sexual activities which put Belle de Jour’s timid exploits in the shade.” She has quite the reputation as a sultry spinner of tales, and her latest work is no exception. Alison’s first-hand knowledge of kinky relationships brings a delicious realism to the story, making it a novel that only she could write.

About Alison Tyler

Alison Tyler has made being naughty a full-time job. Her sultry short stories appear in more than 100 anthologies, and she is a prolific editor of bestselling erotic anthologies like The Big Book of Bondage, Sudden Sex, and Down and Dirty. In all things important, she remains faithful to her husband of 15 years, but she still can’t choose just one perfume.



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