Medical Domination with Mistress Amanda

 Medical Domination with Mistress Amanda


with Mistress Amanda

I know you’ve all been waiting for this show after all it’s one of the most controversial and ultimate forms of control.  I’ll be chatting it up with Mistress Amanda who is a long-time Pro-Domme and former nurse who knows her stuff when it comes to sounds devices, violet wands, sensation play and all the other goodies that go along with this genre of kink.  We’ll be answering such questions as:

What constitutes Medical Domination?

How deep can this type of Domination go?

Does a woman have to be a nurse to be a Medical Domme?

What types of ‘play’ are usually done in a session with medical D &s?

Don’t miss out on your chance to talk to one of the best in the business and get your questions answered BEFORE you hit up just any Medical Domme.

From Mistress Amanda:

“I have made a 30 year career as a professional Dominatrix and a lifetime in the BDSM scene and I am all about safe, sane and consensual. I am still expanding on my repertoire with the plan to continue in the BDSM scene nationwide, expanding, enhancing, education and training myself, my loyal devotees, my companions and the main stream on the art of BDSM, fetish, kink, role play and transformation…

…I am a nationally known and respected expert in medical fetish play. This includes enemas, water sports, sounds, needle play and just about any kind of exam of any/all orifices. BDSM is all about trust, even more so than about pain or submission.

This line of work requires a lot training and understanding of the human body both physically and emotionally. It requires nonjudgmental insight into the workings of “deviant” (as viewed by society) sexual psychology. It requires the ability to effectively wield a diverse array of implements, devices, equipment, and toys and the ability to wield them differently with everyone based on their individual needs and desires. It requires an intuitive sensibility, the ability to read between the lines of verbal communication, to understand the subtleties of body language. It requires an appreciation for the power of human touch whether sadistic
or loving.”

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